A leaking main water line, underground

Water Lines

For complete services on water lines, trust the experienced professionals at Miracle Plumbing, Heating & Cooling.

  • Complete installation and repair of both inside and outside lines
  • Boring capability using our famous "Mity Mole" machine, which eliminates the need to dig up an entire lawn
  • Routine cleaning and maintenance
  • Clean, repair, and install underground lines
  • Install surface drains in yard
  • Install grate drains across driveways
  • Basement Flood Prevention

The Water Commander is a non-electric system that uses your home's water pressure to operate. It pumps as needed during power outages or primary sump pump failure and works in tandem with your electrical sump pump, if necessary, in a downpour.

The highly dependable Water Commander activates and empties your sump automatically. There is no need to be home as you would if using a generator. Even if you are gone for weeks, it will stay on duty and operate at full power as needed.

The Water Commander runs reliably without limit for many years. You should not install the Water Commander if you have a residential water well, as your water pressure will not be present during a power outage.

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Ronald Z

“We are very pleased as to how everything turned out. The technician was polite and the job done in a timely manner. Thank you for excellent service.”